Medical Marihuana

On April 4, 2018, amendments to the City of Portage Code of Ordinances Chapters 14 and 42 went into effect.  These ordinances assist in the regulation and licensing of medical marihuana facilities within the City of Portage.

The specific ordinances related to medical marihuana are available:

Medical Marihuana Chapter 14 

Medical Marihuana Chapter 42

Application Information:  The City of Portage received applications for Provisioning Center, Secure Transporter and Safety Compliance Medical Marihuana Facilities between October 15, 2018 and December 14, 2018.  The application window for all medical marihuana facilities is currently closed.    

All applications submitted on or before the December 14th deadline have been reviewed.  All applicants been contacted as to the status of their application.  A lottery will be scheduled in the near future for those applicants that have qualified.  

Following is information related to application locations and status as of April 15, 2019:

Application Locations Currently Under Review

Medical Marihuana Permit Applicants with Status


The Office of the Portage City Clerk received applications for Medical Marihuana Facility Provisional Permits for Growers and Processors between June 18, 2018 and July 20, 2018.  Another application period is anticipated in 2019.   

Medical Marihuana Facilities Application Form (required)

Medical Marihuana Facilities Disclosure Forms (required)

Medical Marihuana Permit Application Guidelines

View Facility Locations: Maps of potential facility locations have been prepared by the Department of Community Development  The maps are for reference only and the City of Portage makes no guarantee that any property or real estate transaction based on the maps will result in the property qualifying for use as a medical marihuana facility.   

Map of Potential Medical Marihuana Locations: Grow Operations, Processors, Safety Compliance, & Secure Transporters

Map of Potential Medical Marihuana Locations for Provisioning Centers

Staff is no longer taking location eligibility inquiries via phone or in person.  For location eligibility inquiries, please complete and submit the MMFLA Location Confirmation Form.  This requires a $155 payment, per parcel.  Staff will then follow-up with the request by indicating the parcel's eligibility.