Retail Opportunities

Local, regional and national retailers all find Portage an excellent location to do business. The South Westnedge Avenue Commercial Corridor is the retail heart of Portage and the southwest Michigan region. A nearly continuous influx of new retail businesses make Portage an ever-changing, always invigorating retail landscape.

The City Administration is ready to assist business customers.  Please feel free to contact us.

Distinct Retail Advantages in Portage

  • Regional consumer population of 500,000 (2007 est.)
  • Disposable income higher than the national average
  • 3rd fastest growing city in southwest Michigan - cities 45,000+
  • Largest regional retail center in southwest Michigan - Crossroads Mall
  • Crossroads of two major interstates - I-94 and US 131

Primary Commercial Locations

South Westnedge Avenue Commercial Corridor
  • Nearly 450 businesses
  • More than 4,000,000 sq. ft. of commercial space
  • An occupancy rate of 94% (2011)
  • The only regional mall (Crossroads Mall)
  • Location of the Southland Mall Power Center
  • Location of the Portage Commerce Square

Portage Road and Lake Center Commercial Corridor

  • More than 150 businesses
  • Nearly 800,000 sq. ft. of commercial space