Environmental Board

Meeting Schedule:  2nd Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall

City Staff Liaison:  Christopher Barnes (269) 329-4422

The Environmental Board is a nine-member board tasked to advise City Council on matters pertaining to the environment and matters relating to the protection and enhancement of the groundwater resources of the city. The Environmental Board is available to ensure the appropriate consideration of environmental and groundwater issues as determined necessary by the City Council.

Listed below are agendas and minutes from past Environmental Board Meetings.  Everyone is invited to attend.

 January 14  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 February 10  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 March 9  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 April 13  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 May 11  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 June 8  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 July - No Meeting Scheduled
 August 10  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 September 7  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 October 12  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 November 9  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 December 14  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
December 9 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
November 11 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
October 14 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
September 9 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
August 12 (changed to August 19) Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

The Portage Environmental Board is currently studying existing data and seeking additional input from Portage residents regarding the impact of the deer population in Portage. We currently have three, brief, ongoing surveys:

Portage Deer Herd Survey

If you haven’t already submitted your answers, please answer these 10 questions to help us better understand what type of property deer are most likely to visit.


Deer Tracker

Please help us track the Portage deer herd by inputting a few specifics whenever and where ever you see deer in Portage. You can submit a new survey every time you see deer in Portage, whether they are on your property or not.


What discourages deer?

Please complete this survey to let us know what deer deterrents have worked and not worked in your yard. It also assesses how much money you spend on deer. 


Thank you for your input!  Your information will help shape future decisions about managing the deer population in Portage.