Planning Commission

Meeting Schedule:  1st and 3rd Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall

City Staff Liaison:  Christopher Forth (269) 329-4477

The Planning Commission is authorized by Michigan statute and consists of nine members appointed by the Mayor with concurrence of the City Council. The Commission has as primary responsibilities the preparation and adoption of a Comprehensive Plan that guides decision-making related to future land use, community development and capital investments, and making recommendations and advising City Council on land use, zoning and related development matters of importance in the community.

The Planning Commission meets on the first and third Thursday evenings every month at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at City Hall, 7900 South Westnedge Avenue. Planning Commission Meetings are broadcast live on cable television by Public Media Network on Charter channel 190 and AT&T U-Verse channel 99. Planning Commission agendas will be posted the Friday before each Thursday meeting. Minutes will be posted once approved by the commission.

January 18  Regular Meeting Agenda | Supplement    
January 4 Regular Meeting Agenda    
December 21  Regular Meeting Agenda    
December 7  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
November 2  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
October 19  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
October 5  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
September 21  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes   
September 7 Regular Meeting  Agenda   Minutes  
August 17  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes   
August 3  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes   
July 20  Regular Meeting Agenda   Minutes   
June 29   Regular Meeting  Agenda   Minutes   
June 15  Regular Meeting Agenda   Minutes  
June 1  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
May 18  Regular Meeting  Agenda   Minutes  
May 4   Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes   
April 20  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes   
March 30  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
March 16  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
March 2  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
February 16 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
February 2  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
January 19  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
January 5  Regular Meeting  Agenda   Minutes  
December 15  Regular Meeting Cancelled -- --
December 1  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
November 17  Regular Meeting  Agenda   Minutes  
November 3  Regular Meeting Cancelled --  --
October 20  Regular Meeting Cancelled -- --
October 6  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes  
September 15  Regular Meeting Cancelled --  --
September 1  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes Video 
August 18  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes   
August 4  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes  Video 
July 21  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Video 
July 7  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Video 
June 16  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes   
June 2  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes   
May 19  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes  Video 
May 5   Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes  Video part 1

Video part 2
April 21  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes  Video
April 7  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

March 17  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Video 
March 3  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  Video 
February 18  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Video 
February 4  Regular Meeting  Agenda  Minutes Video 
January 21  Regular Meeting  Agenda          Part 1 | Part 2 Minutes Video
January 7  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes