Benefit Services

Director: Patti Thompson
Main Phone: (269) 324-9208
Email: Benefit Services

Address: 7900 South Westnedge Avenue

The Department of Benefit Services is an internal service department providing support to the City Manager in the areas of employee compensation, benefits and worker compensation.  The overall goal of the department is to maintain cost effective and competitive compensation and benefit programs for the recruitment and retention of high-quality personnel who serve the citizens of the City of Portage.

The department is responsible for evaluating, negotiating, recommending, administering and budgeting for all union and non-union employee benefit plans. The department administers the city union and non-union compensation programs and provides guidance to supervisory personnel relative to compliance with compensation and benefit related rules and regulations.  In addition, the department administers the city self-insured workers compensation program and the employee Health Management Programs.  The Department of Benefit Services is also responsible to the City Manager for compliance with a variety of state and federal employment mandates such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Medical Leave Act, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the Michigan Workers Compensation Act.