Property and Tax/Payment Lookup

The City of Portage provides this service to allow citizens to search for property and tax information.  If you require further assistance using the tool or can't find the information you are looking for, please contact the City Assessor at 329-4433. This database is updated daily so that the most current information is available. For verification of assessment information, please contact the Assessor's Office at 329-4433. For tax billing information, please contact the Treasurer's office at 329-4455. For zoning information, please call 329-4466.

The information contained on the above website is taken from the records of the City of Portage. The City of Portage does not guarantee the accuracy of the information nor assumes any responsibility for errors that arise from the use of the information. Any errors or omissions will not negate the taxes or special assessments that are due and payable. Payments made for delinquent taxes are not reflected on this website. To determine if a payment has been made after the current collection period, contact the Treasurer at 329-4455.