GIS / City Maps

Geographic Information System (GIS Mapping)
The Geographic Information System (GIS) is technology used for the storage, retrieval, analysis, and display of geographic information.  This information includes features or places within the city that have a location/geographic component such as addresses, buildings, parcels, roads, or natural features including wetlands, woodlands and water bodies.

The City of Portage GIS system includes over 20 map overlays that show historical aerial photographs, school districts, voter precinct locations, floodplains and wetlands, future land use and zoning districts. GIS is used in day-to-day operations to assist with tax parcel mapping, emergency vehicle routing, utility system (sanitary sewer, water) maintenance, various permit applications and private development project processing and review.  If further assistance is required, you may contact the Community Development Department at 329-4429.


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This map is neither a legally recorded map nor a survey and is not intended to be used as one. This map is a compilation of records, information and data located in various city, county, state and federal offices and other sources regarding the area shown, and is to be used for reference purposes only. The City of Portage does not warrant that the Geographic Information System (GIS) Data used to prepare this map are error free, and the City of Portage does not represent that the GIS data can be used for navigational, tracking or any other purpose requiring exacting measurement of distance or direction or precision in the depiction of geographic features. If errors or discrepancies are found please contact the City's GIS Specialist at (269) 329-4429 or email.

The preceding disclaimer is provided pursuant to Michigan Public Act #462, the Enhanced Access to Public Records ACT, and the user of this map acknowledges that the City shall not be liable for any damages, and expressly waives all claims, and agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City from any and all claims brought by the User, its employees or agents, or third parties which arise out of the User's access or use of data provided.