Cable Access

Portage cable access services are provided by the Public Media Network (PMN). You may visit the PMN website for details regarding services offered, location, hours of operation, contact information and more. 

Channel Lineup and Programming

  • Charter Subscribers
    Channel 187: PMN
    Channel 188: Public
    Channel 189: Spiritual
    Channel 190: Government
    Channel 191: Education

  • AT&T Subscribers
    Channel 19: Public
    Channel 21: Government
    Channel 99: Education


Board Representation

PMN is governed by a Board of Directors with representatives from each member public agency.  The number of representatives is based on the number of cable subscribers in each member public agency.  The City of Portage has four representatives:

Councilmember Claudette Reid (Chair)


Ed Sackley

Don Ramlow

Customer Service
The city is interested in resident feedback regarding the level of service and support provided by our cable access vendor - PMN.  You may contact the City of Portage Technology Services Director with any concerns or comments.

Cable Provider Service Complaints

Consumers should first contact their video/cable provider with any complaints related to their service. Ongoing unresolved issues may be directed to the City of Portage Director of Technology Services by email or by calling 269-324-9217