Eliason Nature Reserve

In 2011 through a generous donation from Linda Eliason, the City of Portage acquired a 123-acre parcel east of Shaver Road.  This new park property was named the David J. Eliason Nature Reserve in honor of Ms. Eliason's late husband. This parcel was once part of the land owned by the adjacent Eliason Corporation where David was an innovative general manager in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  A large monument along Shaver Road south of Vanderbilt Avenue has been placed on this site as part of the donation.

The property is a combination of uplands and wetlands. Of significance is that the wetlands are part of the Bishop’s Bog complex, which is registered with the Nature Conservancy. Classified as a “relict bog,” Bishop’s Bog is the largest remaining bog of this type found in the southern lower peninsula and possibly in the entire lower peninsula. Through this gift, the city now manages almost the entire 250-acre bog complex. In addition to providing unique habitat, Bishop’s Bog is a critical natural storm-water drainage system for the community. To access the nature trail that has been developed in the park, please consult this map.

The City of Portage is thankful to Linda Eliason for this generous donation. Planning and development of this new park property will be scheduled as city funding allows.

Address: 9501 Shaver Road   

  • Pets:  Pets are allowed except where posted. Posted areas include: picnic areas, playground and Ramona Park beach. Pets must be restrained on a 6’ or retractable leash, inoculated for rabies and never left unattended. Persons in charge of or in control of pets on park property shall be responsible for clean up and removal of excrement deposited by such pet.
  • Cancellation:  The rental fee will be returned if the rental is cancelled within 2 weeks of payment. After that period, 50% of the fees will be refunded, if cancelled at least 2 weeks prior to the rental date. Any later cancellations will result in 100% forfeiture. In the event of severe weather, every effort will be made to reschedule your reservation if desired; otherwise, the cancellation policy will determine the amount of any refund.