Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park was created with the assistance of local Veterans Organizations, which provided the resources to construct a beautiful veterans memorial for commemorative ceremonies.  Located along Library Lane, Veterans Memorial Park is easily accessible from the Portage District Library parking lot.

Veterans Memorial Park was dedicated on November 11, 2005. The memorial is 40 feet and consists of five separate stones, four flagpoles, lighting and landscaping features. The V-shaped center stone, at a height of seven feet, displays emblems of the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Engraved on stones placed on either side of the center stone are various quotes honoring those who served in the United States Military which can be viewed along the brick walkways in front of each stone.  

More than 1,100 bricks have been installed in the walkways at the Veterans Memorial. These can be engraved in honor of a veteran or with the name of the sponsor. Click here to learn more about having a brick engraved and installed at the Veterans Memorial.

Address:  300 Library Lane



  • Walking/Nature Trails
  • Bicycle Trails


  • Pets:  Pets are allowed except where posted. Posted areas include: picnic areas, playground and Ramona Park beach. Pets must be restrained on a 6’ or retractable leash, inoculated for rabies and never left unattended. Persons in charge of or in control of pets on park property shall be responsible for clean up and removal of excrement deposited by such pet.
  • Alcohol:  Prohibited in all parking areas.
  • General Rules