Public Safety

Public Safety Director
Police / Fire Chief: Richard White
Phone: (269) 329-4567
Email: Public Safety Director - Police / Fire Chief White

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for the overall management of departmental activity including community relations, resource allocation, labor relations, research and planning, contracts and many other administrative functions.  The department is headed by the Director of Public Safety - Police / Fire Chief and is assisted by a secretary and a part-time clerk.

Administrative Division 
Senior Deputy Police / Fire Chief - Administration: Daniel Mills
Phone: (269) 329-4562
Email: Senior Deputy Police / Fire Chief Mills

This division is responsible for the support services function of the Department of Public Safety, including but not limited to, budget preparation, capital improvement, internal affairs oversight, policy compliance, training, fleet maintenance and facilities management, property and evidence, and grant management.

  • Professional Standards 
    Lieutenant Joseph McDonnell
    Phone: (269) 324-9264
    Email: Lieutenant McDonnell

    This section is responsible for the accreditation process, departmental training, internal affairs, inspections, and oversight of volunteers.

  • Communications Supervisor
    Victoria Rose
    Phone: (269) 329-4447
    Email: Victoria Rose

    This section is responsible for all communications technology projects and equipment, supervision of public safety communications personnel.
  • Records Team Leader Teresa Gipson
    Phone: (269) 324-9258
    Email: Teresa Gipson
This section is responsible for police records management and crime reports.