Fire Division

Senior Deputy Fire Chief - Operations: John Podgorski
Phone: (269) 329-4487
Email: Fire
Emergency:  911

Assistant Fire Chief: Stacy French
Phone: (269) 329-4482

Code Enforcement / Fire Marshal: Derek Henson
Phone: (269) 329-4486

Training Division: Mike Corfman
Phone: (269) 329-4483

Address: Station 1 - 7830 Shaver Road
Address: Station 2 - 6101 Oakland Drive
Address: Station 3 - 8503 South Sprinkle Road

The Portage Fire Division emergency services include fire suppression, hazardous materials response, emergency medical and technical rescue, fire prevention, business and multi-family residential inspections, and commercial site and building plan reviews. The Fire Division also provides programs and station tours and presentations for schools and community groups. Career firefighters staff three fire stations, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are supplemented by a cadre of well trained on-call firefighters.