Fall Leaf Pickup Program


Details about the 2015 Fall Leaf Pickup Program will be posted to this page in September 2015. Questions about this program can be directed to the Streets Maintenance Division at 329-4444. 



Program Details

  • ONLY loose leaves or leaves bagged in biodegradable paper yard waste bags are collected. 
  • Leaf collection normally occurs three times in each neighborhood zone until prohibited by weather. Residents are asked to place leaves at the curb by 7 a.m. on each of the collection dates. 
  • For public safety, do not put leaves in the street more than three days prior to your scheduled collection
  • Leaves should be raked off the grass and into the street or bagged in biodegradable paper yard waste bags and placed next to the curb as close to the street edge as possible so as not to obstruct traffic. Equipment may damage lawns if leaves are left in grass areas or ditches. 
  • Leaves in plastic bags (including biodegradable plastic bags) will not be collected. 
  • Streets will be swept as possible. 
  • The Fall Leaf Pickup Program is separate from the Quarterly Curbside Brush Collection Program. Please ensure that brush and leaf piles are placed in separate locations at the curb.
  • The Portage Code of Ordinances (Chapter 66, Article 1, Section 66-2) prohibits residents from having basketball stands in the city right-of-way.  Likewise, during trash and recycling removal days, citizens are requested to keep their containers on the curb versus on the actual roadway.  These items impede safe leaf collection operations and can result in damage to city equipment and personal property. 

Note: The Fall Leaf Pickup Program is not performed on private streets or for commercial establishments, churches or schools. This program is only provided at residential properties on public streets.