Construction Projects


The Department of Transportation & Utilities is responsible for planning, engineering and construction of public infrastructure projects in Portage. The city also coordinates with the Michigan Department of Transportation for projects involving Interstate 94 and US-131 and with the Kalamazoo County Road Commission on county road projects. 

South Westnedge Avenue - Mall Drive to Dawnlee Avenue
Description:  Asphalt milling and repaving with replacement of existing cast iron water main with new ductile iron water main, fire hydrants and water services.  The project also includes the replacement of the Milham Avenue/South Westnedge Avenue traffic signal along with sidewalk improvements to meet ADA requirements.
Cost:  $2,400,000
Status:  Bids received, awaiting MDOT award.
Anticipated Start Date:  May 4, 2015
Anticipated Completion:  August 2015 

Progress Updates for South Westnedge Avenue

Effective July 1, traffic patterns on South Westnedge Avenue from I-94 to Mall Drive have been shifted.  Two way traffic is now using the east side of South Westnedge Avenue to allow for construction on the west side.   Motorists are reminded to use extra caution in the construction area. 

Next week, construction on the west side of South Westnedge Avenue will involve extension of water services and fire hydrants and milling of the existing road surface.  If you have questions concerning this project, please contact the Department of Transportation & Utilities at 329-4422. 

West Osterhout Avenue Resurfacing Project  
Description:  Widening of bike lanes, replacement of railroad crossing and pavement resurfacing.  Also, included in the project is the installation of sanitary sewer main on West Osterhout Avenue from Lloy Street to South Westnedge Avenue. 
Cost:  $1,200,000
Status:  Awaiting MDOT bid.
Anticipated Start Date:  July 2015
Anticipated Completion:  October 2015

Pine View Drive Sanitary Sewer Project
Installation of sanitary sewer main and resurfacing on Pine View Drive from Chaucer Street to Bacon Road. 
Cost:  $300,000
Status:  Under Design.
Anticipated Start Date:  August 2015
Anticipated Completion:  October 2015

Oakland Drive - I-94 to West Kilgore Road
Description:  Asphalt milling and paving with sidewalk improvements for ADA requirements with minor widening to accommodate non-motorized transportation.
Cost:  $646,000
Status:  Contract awarded to Michigan Paving & Materials.
Anticipated Start Date:  April 27, 2015
Anticipated Completion:  Completed

2014/2015 Local Street Reconstruction
Description:  Reconstruction of selected local streets (listed below) which includes removal and replacement of new asphalt surface and sidewalk and curb repairs as needed.
Estimated Cost:  $992,069.26
Status:  Complete for 2014 season.
Start Date:  To start up again in spring of 2015
Anticipated Completion Date:  Completed

2014/2015 List of Streets for Reconstruction
Fairfield Road, Evans to east end - Completed
Bender Road, Evans to east end - Completed
Evans Street, Indian to Fairfield - Completed
Indian Road, Evans to east end - Completed
Cherryview Drive, Westnedge to Oakview - Completed
Oakview Drive, Westnedge to Cedarview - Completed
Cedarview Drive, Oakview to south end - Completed
Elmview Drive, Oakview to east end - Completed
Schoolview Drive, Cherryview to south end - Completed
Hickoryview Drive, Oakview to east end - Completed
Orangeview Drive, Cherryview to Cedarview - Completed
Roseview Drive, Oakview to End - Completed
Shuman Street, Rolling Hill to Beethoven - Completed
Tall Trees Avenue, Shuman to End - Completed
Fox Crossing Drive, Chestnut Ridge to Tall Trees - Completed
Chestnut Ridge Avenue, Shuman to End - Completed
Dogwood Drive, 1525 to 1130 - Spring 2015
Schuur Street, 10735 to north end - Completed
Sugarloaf, Shaver to Schuur - Completed
Mapleview, Shaver to Schuur - Completed
Holly, Schuur to End - Completed
Ruth, Westnedge to Naomi - Completed
Naomi, Della to Ruth - Completed
Della, S. Westnedge to Naomi - Completed