The City of Portage streets system consists of 147 miles of local streets, 72 miles of major streets, 50 traffic signal installations, and 55 miles of on-street bike lanes.  The city maintains and coordinates an MARC system network along South Westnedge Avenue and portions of Shaver Road, West Milham Avenue, and East Centre Avenue.  The traffic management system is used to coordinate traffic volumes along South Westnedge Avenue to minimize congestion and air pollution.

Video Detection at Traffic Signals
Most traffic signals in Portage use video cameras to detect the presence of vehicles.  Occasionally these cameras can be blocked by snow during blowing snow storms.   Video cameras do not detect red light violations or speeding violations.  Images from the video cameras are not recorded.

The City of Portage contains approximately 2,300 streetlights along local and major streets.  The streetlights are owned and operated by Consumers Energy by agreement with the City of Portage. 

Traffic Counts
Traffic volumes are counted along major corridor streets for future transportation planning purposes.

Annually, the City Administration prepares a Holiday Traffic Study to evaluate traffic conditions in the commercial area in Portage during peak holiday shopping periods. 

Vision Obstructions
The city has an annual program to address sight restrictions on public streets and intersection.  Vision obstructions do not apply to private driveways or roadways.