Be a Property Steward!


Inspect and Clean Street Gutters and Drainage Grates

Quick intense rainstorms can cause water ponding on streets. Clogged storm drainage grates are a major cause of storm water ponding during rain storms. The Portage Department of Transportation & Utilities reminds residents of the need to inspect and clean street gutters and storm drainage grates abutting your property on a regular basis.

  • Don’t blow grass clippings, leaves or debris into the street.
  • When it rains, storm water carries these materials down the gutter to the nearest drainage grate, oftentimes clogging the grate.
  • Periodically inspect grates abutting your property and remove accumulated debris. Major maintenance assistance can be reported to the Transportation & Utilities Department at 329-4422.
  • Never pour used motor oil, chemicals or foreign substances into drainage grates or street gutters.
  • Never use a street drainage basin as a “garbage collector” or for pet wastes.

These simple, preventative actions will help to keep the storm water system functioning at a maximum level and minimize storm water ponding in the street and potentially onto private property.  For questions about gutters and drainage grates, please call the Department of Transportation & Utilities at 329-4422.