Neighborhood Support Program Brings About Positive Results

The City of Portage takes code enforcement seriously. Under the formal Neighborhood Support Program, the city has invested significant resources to improve the quality of neighborhoods and the lives of its citizens. The prevention and elimination of housing and property maintenance concerns enhances the quality of life in Portage neighborhoods and helps preserve and improve property values.  

The city has been able to allocate additional resources to the Neighborhood Support Program, allowing for a more proactive approach in identifying and eliminating issues that may negatively impact neighborhoods. The number of code compliance cases addressed by city staff has increased notably from fiscal year 2012-2013 to 2016-2017.  

The launch of SeeClickFix, the city’s on-line reporting tool, in 2016, dramatically improved the ease of filing a code enforcement complaint with the city. The city has also seen a dramatic increase in staff initiated cases. The Portage team is not waiting for complaints to be filed by residents, but initiating action without a citizen complaint. “I feel that proactive code enforcement leads to better neighborhoods,” said City Manager, Larry Shaffer.  “Congratulations to our staff for a job well done.” 

Improving neighborhoods and fostering a high quality of life is a collaborative effort between the city and neighborhood residents. If you have a neighborhood concern, please contact the Department of Community Development at 329-4466 for assistance.