Basketball Stands in City Right-of-Way Impede Collection Programs

The Portage Code of Ordinances (Chapter 66, Article 1, Section 66-2) prohibits residents from placing objects in the city right-of-way. The city right-of-way is defined as the area between the curb and sidewalk or, for those without sidewalks, the area 33 feet from the center of the roadway. Items such as portable basketball stands impede safe collection operations and can result in damage to city equipment and personal property. Likewise, during trash and recycling removal days, citizens are asked to keep their containers on the curb versus in the actual roadway. At no time should bike lanes or sidewalks be obstructed by items such as leaves, brush or garbage / recycling carts.

The Department of Public Services asks residents to relocate basketball hoop stands and other objects from all city right-of-way areas to allow city crews the opportunity to provide curbside collection services. A safe distance to permanently position the items on private property is 33 feet (or more) from the center of the roadway. Questions or concerns may be directed to the Department of Public Services at 329-4444.