Portage Community Survey

Approximately 4,000 Portage residents have been randomly selected to participate in the 2017 Portage Community Survey, a tool used by the City Council and City Administration to find out what Portage residents are thinking and how they feel about city services.  The survey also provides the opportunity to determine how residents rank problems in the community and the level of support for proposed initiatives and current policies.  The survey results supply important information and insight that the Council and City Administration will use to improve services and performance and, ultimately, to increase citizen satisfaction.

The Kercher Center for Social Research at Western Michigan University is conducting the Portage Community Survey for the city.  In mid-September, a sampling of approximately 4,000 Portage residents received a letter requesting participation in the survey.  Half of the residents received a paper survey and half were asked to complete an online version.  Residents are encouraged to complete the survey promptly.

Questions in the 2017 Community Survey cover a broad range of topics, from city services to environmental issues and city parks.   The survey is submitted in a confidential manner so that the name of the respondent is not known.  The Portage Community Survey gives Portage residents the opportunity to participate in local government and give citizens a voice in determining policy and setting priorities for the community.   Survey results will be available in November 2017.