Financial Summary & Performance Dashboard

Citizen's Guide (Financial Summary)

The goal of the City of Portage Citizen's Guide - Financial Summary is to improve the transparency of Portage government by providing the public with as much information as possible on the revenues, expenditures and other financial activities of the City of Portage.

Performance Dashboard

The City of Portage Performance Dashboard is a measure of various aspects of the city's performance. The information provided displays how the city performs in areas that affect Portage residents.

Projected Budget Report

The City of Portage Projected Budget Report (PDF) is a projection of revenues and expenditures, including the current fiscal year and a projection for the next fiscal year.

Debt Service Report

The City of Portage Debt Service Report (PDF) provides a detailed listing of City of Portage debt service requirements.

Questions / Comments

Questions about this information can be directed to the Office of the City Manager at 269-329-4405.