GIS / City Maps

GIS Contacts

Karl Klemm, GIS Specialist

The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a technology used to analyze and display information geographically on a map. The GIS system includes over 80 map overlays that show:

  • historical aerial photographs 
  • addresses and parcels 
  • buildings and structures 
  • roads and trails 
  • school districts and voter precincts 
  • floodplains, wetlands, and water bodies 
  • soils and elevation contours 
  • future land use, zoning districts, and more.

GIS is used in day-to-day operations to assist with tax parcel mapping, emergency vehicle routing, utility system (sanitary sewer, water) maintenance, various permit applications, and private development project processing and review. 

You may contact the Community Development Department at 329-4429 if further assistance is required.