Utility Billing

Initiate or Discontinue Paperless Billing

The City of Portage is pleased to offer paperless billing for quarterly utility (water and sewer) bills. Please complete and submit the form to initiate (or discontinue) paperless billing. Customers have the option to continue receiving paper bills, in addition to receiving electronic bills.

Contact Information

Paperless billing will begin (or be discontinued) with your next quarterly utility bill. Please contact the Treasury Office at 269-329-4455 with any questions.

  1. Collection Policy
  2. Payments
  3. Sewer Usage Cap
  • All water and sewer accounts in the City of Portage are billed on a quarterly basis.  Billing quarters vary depending on the location of the service address.
  • Payments for all charges are due approximately 29 days after the billing date.
  • Payments are considered timely if received in the Treasury Office, dated electronically, or postmarked by the US Postmaster on or before the due date (postage metered dates are not accepted).
  • Payments not received timely are subject to a 10% late fee, established by City Ordinance.
  • Approximately 25 days after the due date, services with unpaid balances greater than $60 will be shut off and will remain so until the bill is paid in full along with a non-refundable processing fee.
  • By the time the service is shut off for non-payment three statements have been issued to the customer.  Failure to receive any of these notices does not relieve the customer of the responsibility for paying the bill or related fees and charges.