Transportation & Utilities


The Department of Transportation & Utilities is responsible for planning, engineering and construction of public infrastructure projects in Portage. The City of Portage streets system consists of 151 miles of local streets, 73 miles of major streets, 52 traffic signal installations, and 58 miles of on-street bike lanes.

The city also coordinates with the Michigan Department of Transportation for projects involving Interstate 94 and US-131 and with the Kalamazoo County Road Commission on county road projects.  

The Department of Transportation & Utilities manages 259 miles of water main, 20 production wells, 2 water towers, 239 miles of sanitary sewer, 56 lift stations and 210 miles of storm sewer. The city contracts with Veolia to oversee operation and maintenance of these utilities.

Transportation Utilities
Road Construction Projects Public Water
Traffic Signals Wastewater
Street Lighting Storm water