Construction Projects

In Portage, detour signs point to progress! Safe, quality roads make a critical contribution to a city's economic development and growth and bring about important social benefits. 

First-rate roads are important to business owners. When a business is interested in expanding or locating in Portage, having good infrastructure is a great selling point. Keeping roads in a superior condition also stimulates the local economy by providing work for local contractors.

A well-maintained, upgraded road network provides residents with access to jobs, schools, stores, and recreation, as well as social and health services. Furthermore, better roads lead to savings in the way of travel time, gas consumption, and traffic accidents.

We realize that motorists and residents may be disrupted and inconvenienced during construction projects by detours, local road closures, dust, noise, heavy equipment traffic, and increased traffic on surrounding roads. However, when projects are complete, the benefits include reducing costly vehicle repairs caused by inferior roads, the number or severity of accidents, and congestion during peak travel times. 

Current City of Portage road construction projects under design and/or construction are shown below. To receive real-time updates about these projects, go to NotifyMe and subscribe to the Road Construction Updates category.

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Shaver Road - South City Limits to Vanderbilt Avenue
Engineer: Abonmarche
Prime Contractor: Reith-Riley Construction
Sub-Contractor: Hoffman Bros
Project Cost: $3,569,258
Federal Funding: $1,200,000
Year One Construction: May-June 2023      Year Two Construction: March-June 2024

This project will be constructed over two years. Year one of this project includes barrier free access at all sidewalk crossings including tactile warning surfaces, pavement milling and resurfacing from the south city limits to Oakland Drive. The second year of this project includes replacement of water main from Oakland Drive to Vanderbilt Avenue, pavement milling and asphalt resurfacing. South bound traffic will be maintained during the installation of water main on the west side Shaver Road.

Status:  2023 paving and other improvements are complete.  Water main construction and storm drainage improvements on Shaver Road between Beethoven Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue will begin September 18, 2023, weather and materials permitting. The northbound traffic on Shaver Road between Oakland Drive and Vanderbilt Avenue will be detoured.  The detour route is north on Oakland Drive, east on Vanderbilt Avenue and north on Shaver Road.  Southbound traffic will be maintained throughout construction this fall.  Motorists accessing Shaver Road from private driveways within the construction zone must exit traveling southbound on Shaver Road.  Construction is anticipated to be completed by November 15.   Milling and paving of Shaver Road between Beethoven Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue will be performed in the spring, 2024.

Portage Road - East Centre Avenue to Romence Road Parkway
Engineer: Abonmarche
Contractor: Michigan Paving & Materials
Sub-Contractor: Peters Construction
Project Cost: $3,238,555
Federal Funding: $2,282,414
Initiate Construction: June 2023
Project Completion: October 2023

The Portage Road project shall consist of milling 4” and resurfacing of the existing roadway including the intersections of East Centre Avenue and Romence Road Parkway. The project includes the complete upgrade of the traffic signal at Romence Road Parkway; consolidation of driveways and installation of island boulevards within the center turn lane with left turn lane pockets; and reconfiguration of the right turn lane extending south from Romence Road Parkway to Pfizer’s temporary staging area south of Romence Road Parkway. The extension of the non-motorized trail along the west side of Portage Road is also included.

Status:  In October a southbound outside lane closure on Portage Road will be in place for Consumers Energy to relocate their utilities and for the contractor to finish the sidewalk and restorations. Trees will be planted in the median islands between mid-September and mid-October during the allowed MDOT planting season.

South Westnedge Avenue - Melody to Centre Avenue
Engineer: Abonmarche
Contractor: TBD
Project Cost: $1,650,000 budget
Federal Funding: $500,000
Initiate Construction: July 2023
Project Completion: August 2026

The South Westnedge Avenue project shall consist of milling 4” and resurfacing of the existing roadway and replacing the traffic signal at Centre Avenue. The project includes the replacement of 4’-wide sidewalk with 5’-wide sidewalk on the east side of South Westnedge Avenue and the removal of a pedestrian island in front of the school. The installation of a pedestrian crossing will be added in a new location that will include proposed flashing beacons as part of this project. The existing non-motorized asphalt trail will be removed and replaced with a 10-feet wide concrete trail along the west side of South Westnedge Avenue. Safety improvements, trail replacement and concrete improvements south of the school, and storm drainage improvements will be completed in the 2023 construction season. Due to the reconstruction of the Portage Central Elementary, resurfacing of the roadway and remainder of the trail improvements will be completed after the new elementary school building is finished. The expected construction period for work in 2023 is July through October.

Status:  The project is substantially complete.

Other Agency Projects

I-94 Construction in the City of Portage

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is starting year two of a multi-year project for the widening of I-94 from four to six lanes from Lovers Lane to Sprinkle Road in Kalamazoo.  The project will include the removal of the Kilgore Road bridge, and a new single-point urban interchange design at Portage Road, similar to the I-94/South Westnedge Avenue interchange. 

MDOT ROAD CLOSURE UPDATES:  For project details and a map, visit Mi Drive.

A video explaining the project is available on MDOT's YouTube channel.

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