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Fall Hydrant Flushing

The City of Portage utility contractor, Veolia, will conduct fire hydrant flushing beginning the evening of Sunday, October 9 through October 21.

Hydrant flushing helps to improve water quality by removing sediment that accumulates in the water system and provides the opportunity to test the proper operation of the fire hydrants and the water pumping system.

The 2022 Fall Hydrant Flushing Map indicates the dates hydrant flushing will take place in each zone of the city. Most hydrants will be flushed between the hours of 11 PM on the date indicated and 7:30 AM the following date so as to avoid high-traffic hours. This is a tentative schedule; it may be necessary for this work to be performed outside an assigned day or area to provide the best possible results.

Some water discoloration will occur during the flushing process.  Residents are urged to check for discoloration prior to using water for laundry or cleaning during their period of flushing. Even though water may be somewhat discolored, it is safe to drink.

During the flushing process, large quantities of water are discharged from the hydrants. Motorists are urged to watch for vehicles and workers engaged in this work and reduce speeds accordingly.  Please call Veolia at (269) 324-9235 with any questions or concerns.

Water Service

To start or stop existing water service, please contact the City of Portage Treasury Office at (269) 329-4455.

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To establish new water service where it does not exist, please contact the Department of Community Development at (269) 329-4466.

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Water Quality Information

The city owns 20 production wells located throughout the city.  The Garden Lane Water Treatment Facility removes arsenic from the groundwater before distribution to the public water system. All water that is pumped is tested daily to ensure the highest quality water is delivered to Portage residents.

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Special Assessments

Water and Sewer service extensions in the City of Portage are partially funded by special assessments to the benefitting properties. The City Charter includes a procedure to adopt a special assessment district consistent with State of Michigan laws.

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Well and Septic Abandonment

Private wells and septic systems are under the purview of the Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services Department.  Please call (269) 373-5337 with questions pertaining to well and septic systems.

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