Knox Boxes


Each business is required by the International Fire Code to have a Knox Box Rapid Entry System on the address side of the building. The Knox Box, which can be accessed only by a Portage firefighter, contains keys to the business. This controlled access allows firefighters to enter an area without doing damage when the site is unoccupied, which is especially beneficial should a fire alarm sound when no employees are present.

The cost of the box, remitted directly to the Knox Company, varies with the size needed and is based on the number of keys to be held. The Fire Division receives no money from either the business or the Knox Company. For more information, please contact the Fire Marshal at 269-329-4486.


Knox Rapid Access Solutions aid first responders in preventing catastrophic property damage.  Enable rapid emergency response by storing facility keys, installing secure gate switches and making vital emergency response items accessible to first responders. Elderly and/or critically ill citizens who depend on medical support services such as Alert-1 also rely on fast response to calls for emergency aid. It can be mounted permanently on the door or if the key box is needed only temporarily, it is available with a temporary door hanger that is not removable once the door is shut. For residential use only, it holds a maximum of two keys.  Knox-Box key boxes prevent forced entry and additional stress for the patient. For more information regarding the ordering, installation and use of a residential Knox-Box system, please contact the Fire Division at 269-329-4487, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.