Master Plan

City of Portage 2021 Master Plan Update

The City of Portage Department of Community Development is seeking the assistance of a qualified consultant or consulting firm with specific professional expertise in the preparation of a Master Plan under the requirements of Public Act 33 of 2008 (the Michigan Planning Enabling Act). Consultants are being asked to submit a Statement of Qualifications to the City describing the firm’s general qualifications and expertise to perform this work, which will be evaluated to identify the preferred finalists that will then be invited to prepare and submit a detailed proposal and cost estimate for the project. The current City Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2014 and there have been several additional planning efforts that need to be incorporated into this update including Lake Center Comprehensive Plan; Lake Center Housing, Retail and Commercial Study; Crossroads Mall Area Strategic Plan; Retail Market Analysis for the entire city and Housing Market Study for the entire city. 

Master PlanRequest for Qualifications

Please submit qualifications electronically to Christopher Forth, AICP, Interim Development Director, City of Portage Department of Community Development at The deadline for submission is Wednesday, December 9 at 11 AM.