Safe Exchange Zone

safe exchange zone

The Portage Department of Public Safety Safe Exchange Zone provides a safe location where the public can complete in-person transactions to buy, sell or trade legal items with people they may not know. The area can also be used as a safe and neutral site for child custody exchanges. The goal of the Safe Exchange Zone is to help reduce and deter fraudulent transactions, thefts, robberies, and violent custody disputes.

The Safe Exchange Zone is a well-marked, well-lit area located directly in front of the main entrance to the Department of Public Safety Headquarters, located at 7810 Shaver Road. The area is under 24-hour video surveillance and can accommodate two vehicles to park side-by-side.  Safe Exchange Zone parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

safe exchange zone 2

The exchange of drugs, weapons, alcohol, or other illegal items is not permitted. Employees of the Portage Department of Public Safety cannot act as official witnesses to transactions, will not give legal advice, and will not settle civil disputes related to transactions that occur at the Safe Exchange Zone. The City of Portage and its employees are not responsible for the value, authenticity, or legitimacy of any transactions. All exchanges must be person-to-person. In the case of custody exchanges, children cannot be left unattended at the Safe Exchange Zone to wait for pickup by another parent/guardian.