Development Tracker

The City of Portage provides a full range of services to the business community and its residents. Development proposals are submitted and reviewed by the Community Development Department and other city departments/divisions to ensure compliance with all applicable city regulations. Significant development proposals are subject to review and approval by vote at the Planning Commission, City Council, or both, where public commenting opportunities are provided.  The City Administration is authorized to review and approve smaller development site plans per the ordinance requirements found in Section 42-481.

Below is an ongoing list of development proposals that will be scheduled for review by the Planning Commission and/or the City Council. This list provides the address of the project, a brief description of the development, current status, next steps, and a link to the project plans. As site plans undergo revisions during the various stages of review, the latest plans are added in chronological order after the original application. You may contact the Community Development Department with any questions/concerns about any of these projects at (269) 329-4477.

Applications Received

Project Address and Brief Description Plan(s) Submitted
3951 West Milham Avenue
Story Point, Cottages Planned Development (PD)
Status: Tentative Plan Amendment Application Received from Portage Care 2015, LLC
Next Step: PC Meeting, Public Hearing TBD
1330 East Centre Avenue
Rezoning Request 23/24-03, OS-1 to B-1
Status:  Application Received from Harbahajan S & Paramjit Multani
              Neighborhood Meeting scheduled by applicant, TBD
Next Step: PC Meeting, Public Hearing  Date TBD
412 West Centre Avenue / 7860 Shaver Road
River Caddis, Multi-Family Planned Development (PD)
Status: CC approved Tentative Plan amendment 11/14/2023 
Next Step: Waiting to receive Final PD Plan - PC, CC Meetings, Date TBD
6008, 6018 Chelsea Lane
Rezoning Request 23/24-02, From R-1A to B-3, P-1
Status: Application Received from Meyer C. Weiner Company
Next Step: PC Meeting, Public Hearing 12/7/2023
1075 Bacon Avenue
McConley Cove, Site Condominium Planned Development (PD)
Status: CC approved Final Preliminary Plans 11/14/2023
Next Step:  Applicant starts construction, CC Meeting Final Acceptance, TBD
9581 Oakland Drive
Oakland Commons, Condominium Planned Development (PD)
Status: Final PD Site Plan submitted- 12/06/23
Next Step: PC, CC Meetings Date TBD
732 East Centre Avenue
Trilogy Health Assisted Living Facility, Planned Development (PD)
Status: CC Approved PD Tentative Plan, rezone - 8/8/2023
Next Step: Waiting to receive Final PD Plan - PC, CC Meetings, Date TBD