What is zoning and what is my property zoned? Can the zoning be changed?

Zoning is the primary tool used to regulate the use of land in most communities. Zoning classifies land uses into certain categories referred to zoning districts. Some uses are permitted by right while others, referred to as special land uses, require review and approval by the Planning Commission. The zoning districts are then geographically displayed on a map of the community areas determined appropriate for the various types of land uses. Each zoning district has its own set of regulations that control the intensity of development by regulating, for example:

  • Accessory Signs
  • Building Height
  • Maximum Lot Coverage
  • Minimum Lot Sizes
  • The Number of Off-Street Parking Spaces
  • Setback Distances

Information regarding the zoning designation for all properties located within Portage city limits is available on the GIS/City Maps. Land uses permitted within specific districts are found in the Zoning Code.  A review and consultation with staff can provide information regarding current and planned future land use for specific areas, which may help clarify potential uses within zoning districts, or if a potential change in zoning is feasible. View the City of Portage Comprehensive Plan (PDF) to learn about recommended future land uses throughout the city.

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4. What is zoning and what is my property zoned? Can the zoning be changed?
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