How are election results verified?

Voting equipment is given logic and accuracy tests against a known set of marked ballots to ensure tabulators are counting ballots correctly. Post-election audits also ensure votes are counted correctly and procedures associated with transporting and securing ballots were followed throughout the election process.  On election night, there are multiple sources of election results. Election data are reported by local jurisdictions, typically precinct by precinct, and these data are then uploaded to the county and state’s election reporting systems.  This distributed system provides an archive of the results in addition to the hard copy, paper ballots in secure storage.  If there is a problem with the reporting system, these archived copies can be used as backup.

After Election Day, each election jurisdiction engages in a canvassing process, where the entire election is reviewed.  This canvass ensures that the number of voters recorded as having voted coincides with the number of ballots cast.

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