Is there a limit on the number of Marijuana Business Permits the City will issue?

No, and yes. City ordinance does not establish a hard cap on the number of permits available for any of the facility/establishment types. However, Marijuana Businesses are limited to certain zoning districts, depending on the type of business.  In addition, the Zoning Code establishes two different types of required minimum separation distances.  First, Marijuana Businesses are required to be separated from specific uses (churches, schools, parks, etc.)  Second, there are required minimum separation distances between Marijuana Businesses. For example, Medical Provisioning Centers must be at least 1000 ft. apart from other Provisioning Centers and Adult Use Retailers, and Retailers must be 1,000 ft. apart from other Retailers and Provisioning Centers. Again, the required separation distances depend on the type of Marijuana Business(es) involved.

As a result of these zoning restrictions, the number of permits allowed will be limited because there are a limited number of eligible parcels where Marijuana Businesses can operate. The specific separation distance requirements and buffered uses are laid out in the Zoning Code. However, because the interaction between zoning restrictions and the location of existing Marihuana Businesses can be complex, it is recommended that prospective applicants contact the Community Development Department for assistance at(269-329-4477).

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