Where can I register to vote?

You can register online at the Michigan Voter Information Center.  You can also register at any of the 131 Secretary of State Offices, the office of your local city or township clerk, the office of your county clerk and other state offices.

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1. When may I register to vote?
2. Do I have to register for each election?
3. Where can I register to vote?
4. May I register to vote by mail?
5. Can I vote by absentee ballot?
6. May I pick up an absentee ballot for my spouse?
7. I have power of attorney for my spouse, can I pick up an absentee ballot for him/her?
8. How do I get to vote absentee in every election?
9. Can you automatically mail me a ballot for each election?
10. How can I be added to the Permanent Absentee Application List?
11. I’m on the permanent list, why didn’t I receive a ballot?
12. If I am on the list or receive an absentee ballot do I have to vote absentee?
13. What more can you tell me about the voting machines?