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*FOR LANDLORD USE ONLY* Application for Automatic Reinstatement of Responsibility for Utility Billing Charges

  1. FOR LANDLORD USE ONLY: Please contact the Treasury Office at (269) 329-4455 to set up water/sewer services in your name. Upon receipt of this signed application, the City of Portage can automatically reinstate property owners or property managers to utility billing accounts when a tenant leaves. The city interrupts services when no billing information is received at the time of a final meter reading. This automatic reinstatement will avoid any such service interruptions (other than when water is turned off for non-payment). This is a free service that will be effective upon receipt of this form by the Treasury Office.
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  3. By signing this agreement, you initiate Automatic Reinstatement of Responsibility for Utility Billing Charges and indicate that you understand that you must cancel this authorization upon sale of the property.
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