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Stuart Manor

Subfacility of Celery Flats

Max Occupancy 35
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  1. Chairs
  2. Restrooms
  3. Tables


This stately historic home is located on the corner of Garden Lane and Kingston Avenue in the Celery Flats Historic Area. Constructed in 1846, Stuart Manor is a “four-square” Greek Revival house and is the oldest remaining structure in Portage. Built by William Welch, the house was the summer home of the second Michigan U.S. Senator Charles Stuart.


Click HERE for a virtual tour of all the Celery Flats facility options. The Stuart Manor can be reserved one year in advance. 

Rental Fees:

All deposits & rental fees are due upon reservation.

  • Refundable Damage Deposit: $150
  • Minimum Rental Fee (3 hours): $140
  • Maximum Daily Rental Fee: $260 
  • $30 for each additional hour
  • To rent this facility CLICK HERE


  • Modern Kitchen
  • Tables
    • Main Table: 10 feet 5 inches by 46 inches
    • Round Table: 52 inches round
    • Rectangle Table: 6 feet 5 inches by 40 inches
  • Heated Facility & Air Conditioning
  • Barrier Free Access
  • Indoor Restroom
  • Tables and chairs for 35 people to dine comfortably or use for a company meeting

Rules & Regulations:

  • Rice, birdseed, confetti or similar items are prohibited
  • Battery operated candles are allowed. Open flames are prohibited in historic buildings
  • Stuart Manor and its surrounding area must be left in proper condition or the security deposit will be forfeited.
  • Reserving parties must be finished and cleaned up by 10 p.m.
  • Parking is required across Garden Lane at Celery Flats Interpretive Center
  • Stuart Manor is an alarmed facility. Please do not enter the building outside of your rental period.

Damage deposits are not applied towards any rental fees. Damage deposit refunds are initiated within 4-6 weeks following your event and will be mailed to you by the Finance Department. Your entire security deposit will be forfeited for any of the following reasons: cancelling after making the deposit payment, exceeding your scheduled rental time by more than 15 minutes before or after; failing to clean up the facility following your event (taking out all garbage, sweeping the floors, etc.); failure to return all city tables and chairs to the proper location; destruction or damage of any park property including spills on the floors; violation of the Alcohol Liability Waiver; failure to provide proper insurance requirements one month prior to your event; smoking in any park facility or where posted; violation of any park rules or regulations; violation of any City ordinance while on City property - including the noise ordinance (quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m.)

Rental fees will be returned, minus a $10 administration fee, if cancelled up to 30 days prior to your event. Rentals cancelled 30 days or closer to the scheduled event date will result in 100% forfeiture of the rental fee. If rental is cancelled at any time, the damage deposit will be returned within 4-6 weeks. Damage deposits for completed rentals will be returned within 4-6 weeks, assuming no damage to the rented facility has occurred. In the event of inclement weather such as rain, thunderstorms, tornado warning, (warm temperatures do not count as inclement weather), every effort will be made to reschedule your reservation if desired (excludes all indoor facilities); otherwise, the cancellation policy will determine the amount of refund. 
Renters will be allowed to reschedule a reservation for indoor buildings up to 2 weeks prior to their original rental date if another date is available. This reservation must be completed by November 1 of the current year. A $50 rescheduling fee will be required to be paid prior to the schedule change.

Pets allowed, except where posted. Posted areas include: picnic areas, playground, Ramona Park Beach. Pets must be restrained on a 6-foot or retractable leash at all times. Persons in charge of or in control of pets on park property shall be responsible for clean-up and removal of excrement deposited by such pet. Pets are not permitted inside any building or facility at any time.

**If for any reason you or the parks department must cancel your reservation a credit will either be applied to your account for later use or a refund will be issued by check within 6 weeks. No refunds are put back on your card.