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1. What are the dates and hours of operation of the Portage Farmers Market?
2. What type of vendors will be at the Farmers Market?
3. Where is the Farmers Market located?
4. What types of payment will be accepted at the Portage Farmers Market?
5. What type of licensing do vendors have? What laws must they follow?
6. How do I know that my "organic" products are really organic?
7. Can I contact my favorite vendors outside of market hours or after the Farmers Market has ended for the season?
8. Can I bring my pet to the Farmers Market with me?
9. Where can I park?
10. Are you open on Holidays and Holiday weekend?
11. Does the market operate during rain, cold or snow?
12. Is the Portage Farmers Market Handicap Accessible?
13. Is there an ATM at the Portage Farmers Market?
14. How can I become a market volunteer?
15. How do I contact the market about playing music?
16. How do I contact the market about a potential event or activity?
17. I have a question not answered here or have experienced an issue with the Farmers Market and/or a vendor selling at the Portage Farmers Market. Who do I contact?