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1. How will the city protect the water quality of West Lake with the proposed changes?
2. What will the canal changes mean for lake-to-lake connectivity between West Lake and Austin Lake?
3. Page 16 of the study shows pontoon boats in the canal - why is this image still in the study if these large boats will not be coming through the canal/drain?
4. What, if any, are the actual proposed changes to the canal/drain?
5. Will the public be able to weigh in on whether docks will be installed, even if they’ve been moved to future options?
6. Do the proposed changes require any acquisitions or only lane changes?
7. How will a rebalanced Portage Road be able to handle the increased traffic from proposed housing developments, including 1,100 residential units?
8. How does bringing in more visitors and traffic to the Lake Center District balance out with the reduction of lanes on Portage Road?
9. Where is the money coming from if it will not affect the operating budget?
10. Is there a plan or process for how public dollars/grant funds will be used to improve private businesses in the study area?
11. What are all of these changes going to cost?
12. Can the City Administration better explain the tax tool that is referenced in the study?
13. Does anyone on the Steering Committee or City Council have a monetary or financial stake in the proposed changes?
14. Can the city provide clarification on form-based code and how this will affect existing businesses?
15. Are taxpayer funds being used to acquire the property 9303 Portage Road?
16. Could the city please ensure that residents are notified of all future Lake Center District projects as they will be brought before the Council in order to maximize opportunities for public feedback?